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SDT 270

The SDT270 features multiple significant innovations dedicated to the improvement of predictive maintenance programmes. Manufactured by and for maintenance professionals, the SDT270’s innovation show our commitment to the production of intelligent and progressive instruments. Not only is the SDT270 the first portable ultrasound detection device to include both a built-in temperature sensor and a laser tachometer, but it’s also the first one to feature an onboard SQL database to capture
and manage survey data.


Accurate and comparable wave files

The SDT270 is the first ultrasound detection device to use “high fidelity” ultrasound recording to allow inspectors to maintain a database of accurate sound files. Each time

signal is sampled 250.000 times per second and stored into the SDT270’s substantial internal memory. The results are clear and easy to compare signals, allowing the

establishment of a reliable and precise diagnosis.


Two channel inputs

The availability of 2 channel inputs allows you to connect several sensors simultaneously and to carry out consecutive measurements. Without having to change or reconnect sensors, static data (ultrasound data in dBμV, temperatures, rotations per minute and accelerations) as well as dynamic data (time signals recorded into .wav files) can be stored sequentially.

The SDT270 redefines the concept of intelligent instrument design to make even more efficient use of your time.


Remote support and training

The SDT270 is the first ultrasound detection device accessible through its IP address.

Remote access will bring new possibilities to your maintenance programme in terms of support, training and measurement triggering.


SDT270’s upgradeable platforms
The SDT270’s platform offers many upgrade possibilities. The upgrade is done by remote control, giving you access to new or more advanced functionalities.
There’s a choice between six basic configurations to which you can add multiple sensors to create a detector/collector matching your needs. Add the UAS suite software to it and you’ll obtain a synergistic partnership between your SDT270, your maintenance team and your computer.

UAS – Ultranalysis® Suite
UAS manages the collection, processing, and analysis of the data measured by the SDT270. It’s a library in which you can store and organise collected data in order to make it easy to find. UAS can process static data (dBμV, °C/F, RPM, SCFM) as well as dynamic data (ultrasound signals for time and spectrum analysis). The UAS tree structure allows any size of database and gives the possibility to divide it into multiple survey rounds for easier management. Furthermore, synchronised databases in both your SDT270 and your computer allow on-the-fly creation of survey points.


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