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O-SECUL NIGERIA LIMITED (OSN) incorporated in June 1997, in Nigeria is made up of OSECUL Engineering Company (incorporated in 1989) and O-SECUL Consultancy Services. The Company has grown steadily over the years, to become a well-established provider of services in the fields of:

  • Equipment Condition Monitoring  ( ECM )

  • Reliability Based Maintenance Services

  • Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction

  • Maintenance Support Services

  • Engineering Designs

  • Technical manpower development for the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Power Utility Industries, Building & Construction and other sectors of the Nigerian economy.

  • Instrumentation & Control

  • Industrial Communication

  • Electrical systems

  • Health care new

We represent a good number of reputable American and European companies that manufacture comprehensive products including, Industrial Communication, Power Regulation Equipment, Instrumentation & Optimization Systems, Advanced Maintenance Management Systems, etc. We are equally representatives of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).


With highly qualified and experienced Nigeria professional Engineers, Technologists, Technicians, Administrative Personnel and state-of-the-art technologies and skills, we are committed to achieving ultimate client satisfaction, and focus on details, in pursuance of client’s goals.


OSN provides these services in the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Power Utility industries and other sectors of the Nigerian economy.




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