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O-SECUL Nig Ltd, in partnership with Softsols Group UK, together provides Agility a Computerized Maintenance Management System to you at your doorsteps and giving you a general overview of your maintenance activities on real time basis.

Agility Features

Agility is our latest CMMS, CAFM and IWMS Software Solution from Softsols Group. Agility is simple to use yet delivers powerful performance puting you in control and gives you real-time visibility of your plant, asset, facility and people performance.


·       Agility is a CMMS (computerized maintenance management software) application that allows the structuring of your assets (plant, equipment, vehicles etc) including safety, critical equipment and non-safety critical equipment in an organized and logical manner.


·        Agility it is a browser base solution, flexible to accommodate changes to address specific asset management requirement in an organization.


·      It is a cost efficient easy to use solution with powerful features that allows you to prepare and document maintenance history, schedule work that needs to be done on a routine basis, prepare unscheduled jobs that need to be carried out, and record work already completed. In each scenario, recording the information will assist you in managing and maintaining your assets in the future including budgeting and labor requirements.


·      These assets could be in a single facility or a range of facilities, or maintaining a group of equipment like a fleet of vehicles or other types of machinery.


·      Agility is a tool that plant staff can use to comply with safety standards, keep costs low, and prolong the life of your assets.


·      Implementing Agility Mobile Solutions will extend your workflow to keep your field based staff working in both on and offline situations. Compatible with Android and Windows Mobile




        Typically 40% of annual operating costs spent on maintenance is reduced (IBM)

        Increased service levels and customer satisfaction

        Increased reliability

        Compliance with statutory requirements

        Reduced risk of accidents

        Increased morale in engineering and FM team

        Better planning of activities

        Retention of knowledge and expertise



        Breakdown of plant & equipment

ê 5 – 15%

        Stock holdings

ê 15 – 35%

        Inventory stock outs

ê 15 – 30%

        Lost time

ê 1 – 6%

        Labour use and productivity

é 5 – 15%



        Key features for a very rapid ROI

        Immediate deployment to every PC

        Utilises business standard applications – Microsoft IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft SQL

        Every screen is customisable

        Integration with other systems

        Compelling price



·         Asset and Equipment Management

·         Work Orders

·         Planned Preventive Maintenance

·         Scheduling  

·         Labour Records

·         Inventory and Spares Management

·         Helpdesk and Work Requestor

·         Mobile Solutions

·         effective two-way communications across your team

·         State-of-Art Reporting



·         Minimise downtime and reduced downtime means reduced costs and greater output achieving a significant ROI (Return on Investment).

·         Reduce Breakdowns

·         Electronically Record History

·         Inventory Control

·         Budget Control

·         Reduce Maintenance Costs

·         Optimize your maintenance operations

·         Cut costs while maximising the value of your investments in infrastructure and personnel.

·         Record and track history of all maintenance work/inspections carried out on plant and equipment and facilities

·         Provides budget for maintenance and repair costs by analysing previous period's costs (actual versus estimate) and projected costs (labour and materials) for upcoming maintenance.

·         Save time looking for spare parts and materials

·         Provides a quick reference for location, stock on hand and other important information.

·         Devote more maintenance man-hours to preventative maintenance or planned maintenance inspections rather than to unplanned/breakdown work.

·         tracking of major inspection works requiring substantial capital is also key using Agility

·         real-time job tracking and track stock

·         Agility transparency ensures that work orders are managed according to the priorities allocated

·         Agility is also a powerful performance tool. Reports and statistics can quickly be extracted to demonstrate the value to the business of improved maintenance rates and work scheduling

·         The simple Agility priceless reporting system allows user to adjust/tailor reports as required by management


We are frequently asked whether Agility can be integrated with an existing internal system.
The answer is simply, ‘Yes’.

Mobile Solutions
Mobile technologies are moving at a significant rate and we at SoftSols are making sure Agility is available to those on the move.

Hosted Services
Agility is available as a hosted service. We manage the IT, you simply use the software, accessing our secure servers across the Internet.

Unlike other products that are expensive and difficult to use, our system can be deployed to all users through a simple web browser interface that can be customised to your specific needs for a affordable concurrent user based license fee.

Mobile Apps
Agility can also be used by field based or roaming workforces, in scenarios where there is no continuous internet access by installing either Agility for Windows Mobile™ or Agility for Android™ directly onto the handhelds being used. this allows users to be able to receive work orders and progress jobs remotely whilst the Agility system is maintained through either WIFI, GPRS and 3/4G or through syncing to a PC with a cable. We have created 2 applications of Agility for use on handhelds.

Agility for Windows Mobile™ is compatible with handhelds running Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system (typically PDA’s) and Agility for Android™ is compatible with handhelds, including tablets and smartphones using Android. Both these options are streamlined versions of Agility but deliver the following benefits:

• Reduce administration and paperwork
• Provide an automatic audit trail
• Track the exact time taken on a job
• Track each engineer’s time taken, making job costing and labour tracking more accurate
• Leverage the latest PDA and mobile computing devices, removing the need for printed work orders and paperwork.

For more details of Agility for Windows Mobile, for those using Android devices please click here to view Agility for Android
Agility – Browser Access from Handheld Device

This is the simplest Agility mobile solution available. As Agility is browser based, providing mobile users have internet access, perhaps through site-wide WIFI or mobile phone network, Agility can be accessed directly from handheld or tablet, this gives users seamless access to Agility’s full range of features.



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