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Continuous development of people is integral to our approach and our programmes range from those that provide assurance of an employee’s technical competence, through to initiatives that support long-term career development within the organization.

Within O-SECUL your individual needs will be identified through structured performance management discussions and then addressed through competence-based programmes, which develop the technical, personal, management and leadership skills to enable you to realise your potential.

We are always seeking ways to deliver learning solutions in an accessible way.

A strong culture of mentoring and coaching supports the formal training programmes and enables individuals to transfer their knowledge and skills into the workplace to support personal growth and meet the needs of the organization in the future.

Clear career pathways and a culture of nurturing our internal resources provides ample opportunity for personal development within O-SECUL

We constantly require experienced personnel in the Engineering field. If you have an engineering background with more than 5 years experience in the oil and gas industry, send your CV to career@osecul.com.

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