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Machinery Overhaul & Maintenance Services

After many years of operation, issues like wear and tear causes machines tools to lose precision and productivity. To keep your machines running better and longer, having the right maintenance and repair program is essential.

O-Secul Nigeria Limited has a team of highly experienced Engineers for Machine Repairs and Services including; installation, overhaul, routine maintenance, procurement and training. Our services cuts across the oil and gas sector, breweries, cement industries, power plants and the iron and steel plants.

We have been able to service our client tremendously also by providing them with spares that are not easy to come by. As a result machines and equipment have been kept running to support production.


We are a company with a vast knowledge of plant and machinery installation with special emphasis on the following; Types of foundation, Machine running, speed Capacity rating of the machine, Torque tightening, Alignment setting, Vibration control by the use of correct mounting procedures.
We have a wide range of machines installed in the oil and gas sector, breweries, cement industries, power plants and in the iron and steel plants.
Our services can be extended to the following;

  • Machine Modification

  • Machine Removal

  • Decommissioning/ Commissioning

  • Safety Design Reviews


This involves part replacement and rebuilding of worn out parts of machines. We have vast knowledge in the overhaul of Pumps, Compressors, turbines (steam & gas), diesel engines, gearboxes and electric motors. Our vast knowledge in the overhaul of machines is stated thus;

  • Complete stripping down of the machine to replace all worn out parts with new ones.

  • Rebuilding of serviceable parts.

  • Worn out surfaces and bores are reworked.



Our activities are carried out on demand or according to schedule. This is carried out on site or workshop by our team of Engineers and Technicians. During the overhaul, we carry out failure analysis on the component parts to ascertain the cause (s) of failure for improved performance and hence reliability of the machine. We have been maintaining Worthington Pumps and Compressors for Port Harcourt refinery (PHRC) for the past five years, including complete stripping and overhaul. Rotating equipment must be maintained periodically for optimal performance. O-SECUL Nigeria Limited provides variety of services that covers general fault diagnostics and repairs, predictive maintenance (vibration analysis, Oil analysis, Electric motor analysis, Acoustic testing and Infra-red thermography) laser shaft alignment, In-situ balancing and replacement of machine parts.


The most common machine faults today are misalignment and unbalance. These faults are identified during data collection and analysis and measures are taken to avoid catastrophic failure, unnecessary overtime, secondary damage, additional spare parts or injury to staff.


O-SECUL Nig.Ltd can perform a precision laser alignment for machines both as a pre-commissioning measure and as a corrective measure. Using laser technology, we are able to eliminate all the shortcomings of the dial gauge system which include shaft deflection and zero errors. Coupled, uncoupled and rigid shafts have been aligned precisely by O-SECUL Nig.Ltd with this laser technology.





O-SECUL Nig.Ltd carry out in-situ dynamic balancing for industrial fans using the single plane or dual plane mode depending on the type of unbalance and rotor.
We perform precision balancing of many rotors in the field at your plant site saving you from removing the rotor and shipping it to a balance shop, thereby saving labor and downtime costs. This is of primary importance when there are large rotors like ID and FD Fans, or even smaller fans where constant environmental control is required and the units can't be down for long periods.


We have a team of experienced Engineers in the various industries for the purchase of machines and spares to your specific requirements. Our procurement process is optimized for the benefit of our clients. Prompt delivery is assured as we have contacts with reputable companies both in Europe and Asia. Our operations are with both Public and Private sectors of the economy.
For clarity, Procurement is the full process involved in acquiring required goods, services or works. Our activities can be that of collaborative contracts or single contract. We carry out e-commerce activities and can assure you of quality and timely delivery.
Our services are centered on;

  • Provision of Spares for maintenance and repairs.

  • Procurement of operating spares

  • Capital goods and services- Capacity to procure, install and commission.

Closely linked are;

  • Concept and technology Development

  • System Development

  • Sustainable and Disposal phase management of equipment and spares.

We have a standard training school situated at no. 149 Airport road warri. Delta State, Nigeria. We have a team of highly qualified Engineers in the Oil and Gas Sector, Manufacturing and the Steel making sectors.
Our training tends to focus on productivity improvement, reliability of installed facilities, reduction of downtime and wastages.
Process improvement, troubleshooting techniques and the application of Six Sigma technique SMART comes to focus immediately

SMART means:
S- Specific        M- Measurable        A- Achievable       R- Reliable          T- Time bound

This application enables the company to run at optimal level by running systems that will set targets that are achievable, knowing what is to be achieved and when specific activities are to be carried out.


Some of our training programmes are stated as follows:

  • Work authorization and control techniques

  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) Training

  • Six Sigma Training

  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

  • Management Skills for Maintenance Supervisors

  • Bearing Installation, Maintenance and Failure Analysis

  • Pump and Compressor Maintenance

  • Turbine Operation and Maintenance

  • Vibration Monitoring and Control

  • Gear Box Maintenance

  • Machine Alignment

  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics

  • Machine Lubrication and Troubleshooting

  • Bearing Failure Analysis

  • Mechanical Seals: Application, Selection, Installation, and Maintenance

  • Pumps and Valves Maintenance

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis

In delivering high tech products and service to our esteemed clients / customers, O-SECUL developed strategic partnership with some world class original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and service providers as listed:



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