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How We Help


SDT provides ultrasound solutions that give our customers greater understanding about the health of their assets.We help them predict failures, control energy costs, and improve product quality while contributing to the overall uptime of their assets.

Where We Help

Ultrasound inspection has more applications than any other condition monitoring technology.
The SDT 270 Ultrasound detector is the most versatile instrument in your predictive maintenance tool box.Whatever your business is, it will adapt to your specific requirements




CONTACT SENSORS                    NON CONTACT SENSORS                  


The Ultrasound Solution

• Measure Ultrasound, Vibration, RPM and Temperature
in one box
• 4 Condition Indicators for a more thorough diagnosis:
(RMS, Max RMS, Peak, and Crest Factor)
• Two Channel Inputs for sensors and accessories
• Intrinsically safe version available for potentially explosive
• Record clear, accurate, scaled, comparable Dynamic data in a wave format
• Upgradeable firmware to flexibly grow with your program
• Remote support and training
• Device and sensors are calibrated to ensure consistent, repeatable performance

Ultranalysis Suite©

Ultranalysis Suite is the most powerful ultrasound software ever written for PdM and Reliability Managers and has revolutionized the way we use ultrasound. With UAS collect and manage your Ultrasound, Temperature, RPM, and Vibration data in one software program.

Powerful, Analytical & Versatile

SDT gives you the tools to structure your surveys, perform data trending and advanced signal analysis. Ultranalysis Suite lets you establish baseline readings and set alarms that tell you when your equipment is transitioning from good to bad.

• With custom alarm levels you can see asset conditions at a glance
• Static data trending allows you to track an asset’s condition over time
• Analysis of dynamic data spots fault conditions in critical rotating assets.











Air and Vacuum Leaks- Compressed air is expensive to produce yet 35-40% of demand is wasted by leaks. With the SDT270 you can find all your leaks quickly and safely so you can save money while lowering your carbon footprint.

Bearing Monitoring-Your production depends on healthy rotating assets. You can monitor the
condition of your plant’s machinery with the SDT270. Trend and analyze ultrasound,
vibration, temperature, and RPM. The SDT270 and UAS alert you when things transition from good to bad.

Valve Monitoring-Efficient processes depend on having valves that perform their function properly.Regular ultrasonic inspection quickly identifies which valves are leaking and which ones are closed.

Electrical Faults-Partial discharge is a constant threat to your safety, and the health of your electricalsystems. The SDT270 reveals electrical fault conditions in metal clad switchgear,       substations, overhead transmission and distribution lines. Use SDT and listen before you look.

Tightness testing-Ultrasonic tightness testing is done by placing an ultrasonic transmitter inside the volume to be checked and then sweeping the contour of the seals with the SDT detector. Leaks are identified and located by an increase in ultrasound levels at the leak site.

Acoustic Lubrication-Incorrect lubrication of bearings shortens their lifespan. Knowing when to grease,and how much to grease, are the keys to optimizing bearing lubrication. Predict relubrication intervals and add just the right amount of grease with SDT’s integrated ultrasound greasing solutions.

Steam Systems-Working steam traps keep your steam system pure, safe, and energy efficient.The SDT270 delivers ultrasound and temperature data so you can identify all your failed traps and keep your steam system productive and healthy.




























































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