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The Vaisala MHT410

The Vaisala MHT410 moisture, hydrogen and temperature transmitter provides reliable online monitoring of insulating oil in power transformers. With its unique probe design, the MHT410 delivers accurate measurement and trend data about the health of the transformer in real time.
Information on transformer fault situations
Enables timely, proactive maintenance decisions to minimize expensive service shutdowns and outages



  •  Online monitoring of insulating oil
  • Measures directly from oil without a need of pumps, membranes etc.
  • Moisture and hydrogen sensors are in direct contact with representative oil in the transformer
  • Monitor health of the transformer in real time
  • Information on transformer fault situations
  • Unique probe design, robust and easy to install
  • Compact size
  • 5 year standard warranty
  • Isolated inputs and outputs, EMC tolerant device with IP66 metal housing
  • Adjustable probe installation depth fits in a variety of transformers



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