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In today’s business world, where competition for brilliant and well trained personnel is at its climax, it is important that companies put in a widespread  maintenance skills training program  to make up for  skills shortage and to retain key maintenance personnel who will help the company advance into a more predictive and reliability based practice.


 A properly developed technical training process which starts with a maintenance skills assessment and identifies instructional objectives and evaluation/assessment methods is the way forward.


Our customers’ training challenges are important to O-SECUL. Drawing on years of productivity experience, we can recommend a training solution that caters for the needs of everyone in your company. We can assist customers to identify skills deficiencies by conducting a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) competency assessment, which can then be followed with tailored industry application training courses that provide outcomes, directly transferable to the workplace practices.


As always, our customers who attend O-SECUL training courses will learn and gain knowledge from experienced facilitators.

We ensure O-SECUL Reliability Systems strives for continuous improvement and client satisfaction.


 All opened courses are expected to be held at O-SECUL Training Centre Warri, 149 Airport Road opposite First Bank. The Centre is spacious with classrooms tastefully equipped to make learning an unforgettable experience.


However, we also carry out customized training which is tailored to the needs of a particular company or organization. Such courses are usually held in-house or in-plant as the client desires.


 At our disposal, we have State-of-the-art Demo/miniature units for Hands-on training in the various engineering fields in carrying out these training which includes Vibration Analyzer, Oil Analyzer, Ultrasonic inspection equipment and Cathodic Protection Equipment, Laser Alignment In-Situ Balancing equipment, Infrared Camera, Portable Instrument calibrators etc.


 We also run certification courses such vibration ISO category I, II, and III in collaboration with our foreign partners. 


 Whether in-house or open courses, O-SECUL attaches great importance to any training that presents itself.


The dates contained in the Handbook are purely for planning purposes, and are therefore subject to change if the client so desires.


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